We in Medics24 know that medical professionals sincerely want to help! Barrier to leave everything behind and spend time in a conflict zone is understandably high. We realized that we have the technology to make volunteering significantly more convenient and thus we initiated a low-threshold volunteering model and a charity campaign that can revolutionize volunteering and helping for good! Not to mention that we can also get help into besieged areas such as in Aleppo.

Are you a medical professional (e.g. a doctor, nurse, psychologist or therapist) and you want to help Syrian civilians? It is possible for you to help from home and with the time you can afford to spare; e.g. half an hour a week. Half an hour does not sound much, but what if there would be 100 volunteers or 1000? How many great people willing to help – such as yourself – could we find from Europe?

We also want to create you a volunteering community. In the future, this community provides e.g. peer-support, webinars and trainings. This also means that this community of volunteers and their help could be mobilized rapidly and allocated into where it is at the given time needed, e.g. villages in rural areas, refugee camps, poor people around the world.

If you want to become a volunteer, or if you nor your organization (NGO, profit or non-profit) have know-how you think could contribute into this project, please send us an e-mail: aleppo@medics24.fi 

In your mail, please tell us briefly about your language skills and if you have any special skills. Especially Arabic speakers would be great, but of course everyone willing to help are needed.

And yes, we are doing this simply because we want to help! No costs will come to the volunteers nor to the ones needing help.

Together we can make this happen!


Medics24 -team