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Get access to doctors and other healthcare professionals via video or chat. Our professionals resolve, diagnose and treat anywhere, any reason. Get e-prescriptions to your local pharmacy and referrals to labs, MRIs or further diagnosis.


Our membership gives you on-demand video and chat access to your respective healthcare professional. This enables continuous and lasting care-relationship. Get a personal doctor, midwife or trainer and attach wearable and home healthtech to your membership.

Satisfaction guarantee

If we can’t help you forward with your problem, you can re-use the sum of your payment or get a full reimbursement. There are no hidden or additional costs in online-consultations.

Medics24 – We dare you to thrive

We’re Medics24, a Finnish eHealthcare platform and a virtual healthcare center. Our platform connects medical professionals, healthtech and patients. This enables us to provide superior and continuous care to you anytime, anywhere.

Telemedicine removes the distance and the platform unites medical professionals, labs, health-tech and patients under one ecosystem. Collaboration and network effects combined with preventive healthcare creates substantial synergies to all stakeholders.

We believe that sustainable universal healthcare can be achieved only via preventive healthcare and innovative technology.

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